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Psoriazė yra toks, lėtinė liga, kurios viršutinis sluoksnis odos ląstelių. Mišinį patriname žaizdų gijimo efektu: alaviju, Staphylococcus aureus.

Janine shares with us the hidden secrets of the sun.

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Especially with the summer months upon us, being outdoors is an activity the whole family enjoys. We all love the sunshine and enjoy what summer has in store for us.

Janine shares many different aspects of how the sun can affect our mind, body and spirit.

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An in-depth explanation of swelling in hand joints physical aspect of the sun can show us how to enjoy the outdoors safely. Did you know sunrise and sunset have different qualities that can affect us?

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Janine will share some of the history of sun worshiping, why you need the sun, what the sun does for your body and how our ancestors passed down their traditions in relationship to the sun. Sunscreen is a hot seller no pun intended during the spring and summer months, Dr. Janine shares some DIY sun-care products you can make at home with natural ingredients that are safe for the whole family. Our pets are family too who spend as much time enjoying the outdoors as we do.

Pets encourage us to go outdoors and play in the sun, it is known that the sun can positively affect our animals by providing Vitamin D for them as well!

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So much to learn and experience with Dr. Janine as she shares the hidden secrets of the sun. Previous shows mentioned in this episode: Hidden Secrets of the Sun - youtu.

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Janine live during the show. Connect with Doctor Janine: Instagram: doctorjanine Facebook: facebook. J9Live" In this segment of the episode of the Dr. Janine Show the secrets of what you need to know about vitamin D, Dr. Janine discuss further how vitamin d helps to lower leptin levels in the body which triggers weight loss.

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She also tell you the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency, and the health benefits of vitamin D, benefits like strengthened immunity and weight loss. And of course the Dr. J9 Truth for the secrets of what you need to know about vitamin D3. Lack of Sun Shine 2.

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Covering up every Parts of Your body 3. The Use of Sunscreen 4.

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